Christine Choi is a certified professional makeup artist based in Los Angeles. She is an active make-up artist member of Local 706, with over 20+ years of experience in Celebrity, Film, TV, National Commercials, Print, and Event. Christine's work has been featured in various publications and shows, ranging from Playboy magazine, marketing promotions for The Voice, and Fox Network’s 24 Legacy.

Her work has been widely recognized across the industry. At the early start of her career she was rated Best Punch-Up Artist from her graduating class. She was invited to be a part of the Miss Teen Pageant judging panel. She was interviewed on CBS news, speaking to the depth her career and thoughts on the future of beauty trends. Most recently, she has been featured in behind-the-scenes footage for FX Network.

She is a well-rounded make-up artist with a proven track record for versatility in looks & styles not limited to one particular line of work. Such examples include red carpet, period looks, character, tattoo & facial hair application, tattoo covers, airbrush makeup, no makeup-shampoo commercials, sultry Playboy-esc, pinup styles, men’s grooming, injury simulations, prosthetic application, and special make-up effects.

She takes pride in not only achieving what is conventionally desired, but also in her ability to hear and execute the needs and desires of her varied clients - She meets her clients' expectations with each stroke of color. To her each client, each makeup job is a separate and unique art piece.

There are no boundaries to her taste, style, and makeup artistries which Christine continues to master. Her passion, dedication, and innovative creations have built her a successful and dynamic career and her gift of work is continuously excelling in Entertainment.